Turn Minecraft into an Animal Paradise! (1.16.5)

Large Whale in Minecraft Ocean

In this post I will be showing you guys how to turn Minecraft into a true animal paradise! We’ll be using just a few mods to get this done. The mods linked below are all in Minecraft version 1.16.5. Since these are regularly updated mods, they will also work on older and newer versions. Below you will find a complete video tutorial, which uses this post as a guide to download the mods.

Installation Guide

First, we need to download and install Forge for Minecraft 1.16.5. Before we do so, we will need to launch Minecraft 1.16.5 just once, and then we can quit the game. After that, we can open the Forge Installer and simply click Install, just make sure you select “Install Client”.

Click here to download the Latest or Recommended Forge installer. This Installer is a Java installer, which means you need Java to be able to open it. If the program opens without any issues, you won’t need to install Java, but if it doesn’t, try downloading and installing Java from this page.

Now, once you’ve installed Forge (and Java), open the Minecraft Launcher and select the Forge profile in the bottom left corner. Now click play, and you should see a different loading screen than you normally would. Once you reach the main menu, it should say in the bottom left corner that you are using Forge Mod Loader. Once you’ve confirmed this, close the game, go to your Windows Taskbar and type in %appdata% and hit enter. This will show you a bunch of folders, including a folder called .minecraft. Open it and find the “mods” folder, this is where we will put all the animal mods to get them to work in Minecraft.

Installing the mods

Now download the following mods, which are all animal mods, except for Biomes O’ Plenty, this mod will just make your worlds look amazing! I’ve also added a link to Optifine, which is optional, but will make your game run smoother and give you the opportunity to use Shaders in your world.


Once you’ve downloaded all of these mods, including their required core mods (like Citadel and Abnormals Core), put all of them in the aforementioned “mods” folder, simply by dragging them into that folder. Now, once all mod files are copied into that folder, open your Minecraft launcher, select the Forge profile (should still be selected) and click play. Upon reaching the Main Menu, you should also see some text in the bottom left corner saying “14 mods loaded”, which may vary a little depending on whether you installed other Optional mods. Now create a New World, and for world generation, select “Biomes O Plenty”. Now click Generate and have fun exploring your own beautiful animal paradise in Minecraft!

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