4 Best ULTRA HD Resource Packs for Minecraft (2021)

In this post, we’re going to talk about the best ultra hd resource packs for Minecraft that you can currently find!

There are already tons of really great packs out there that are considered HD. HD here refers to the higher resolution of their textures. Some HD packs you may have heard of are Faithful or Soartex Fanver, which are typically 32x or 64x packs.
The packs we’re going to take a look at today are totally different. They are at least 256x and come with high-end features such as custom block models, POM and PBR textures.

Best Ultra Realistic Resource Packs

The first pack on the list of best ultra HD resource packs is HardTop VanillaAccurate. It is the perfect pack to start this list off with, since its goal is to look like Vanilla Minecraft whilst adding a massive amount of detail and depth to the textures. From a distance, a tree will still look like a normal tree, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see all the added detail.

The next pack is called Realism Mats, which does not add POM but does add high resolution textures and custom block models. Metallic blocks such as gold and iron blocks will look spectacular with this resource pack, as they become realistically shiny and their textures are very detailed.

The third pack on the list is a brilliant one. It’s a true piece of art that anyone will appreciate. Brixel by Sebastian, aka Wabbabrick, turns your Minecraft world into a world made out of LEGO bricks! That’s all you’ll hear from me about this pack, this is one you’re going to have to check out yourself!

The last pack is a beautiful photo-realistic pack: Luna HD made by Batusai-X, it brings amazing textures to Minecraft. This pack is perfect for any Minecraft shader enthusiasts as well as builders that want to bring their builds to life by adding extremely realistic leaves, vines and other textures to the game.

📦 Download Ultra Realistic 1.17.1 Texture Packs
HardTop VanillaAccurate: https://bit.ly/2YE2egD
Realism Mats: https://bit.ly/3jTRNha
Brixel: https://bit.ly/2WZSzQL
LunaHD: https://bit.ly/3r0Eddt

Best Shaders

Looking for best shaders instead of the best texture packs for Minecraft 1.17.1? Or want some shaders to go with your new resource packs? Check out this post to discover what the best shaders for Minecraft 1.17.1 are!

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